Neurofit 2019 Spring/Summer Courses

We only have a a few places remaining for our Neurofit 2019 Course with the wonderful Bob Wood.
18TH-19TH MAY & 29TH-30TH JUNE

Please book early to avoid disappointment.
For more information email or call 01273 911212 or download an application form below.

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Neurofit for Therapists 2018

Last years Neurofit for Therapists courses were a great success. We had two new courses in 2018 which were over subscribed: Upper Limb Functional Training with Bob Wood and a Neurofit for Therapist Course featuring the whole Neurofit team.


The Clinic to Paris Fun Run

On Saturday 17th of September The Clinic goers, friends and family set upon a huge challenge to run, walk and push the distance from Hove to Paris - an epic 175 miles. It was perfect weather on the day and over 50 people participated at Hove Rec and from home! smashing our target distance and managing 359 miles and rising well over our goal. Money raised now stands at £2667.17! 

Well done to all involved, we salute you!

Neurofit For Therapists

The first weekend of Neurofit is completed and a lot of adaptations will be occurring! Great weekend with the Fantastic Bob Wood.

For more information on Neurofit email

Saebo Workshop

The workshop was brilliant and we had ten hands and gloves fitted with exercise programmes designed for all participants. Great work by all involved! If you or anyone you know wants to have a trial with the Saebo Glove or Saebo Flex give us a shout!

Upper Limb Strength Group

We had lots of fun, games and hard work at the Upper Limb group.

We started with a 'back to school' warm up;a game of Piggy in the Middle. This is great for hand eye co-ordintion with encouragement to stretch and reach in all directions.

This was followed by a hard 'core' work out in kneeling combining reaching, rotating and rowing and ending in a competition to gather as many balls as possible.

And finally in true movie style we recreated a scene from 'Game of Thrown's'; hand to hand combat action with wooden poles while trying to avoid deadly missiles thrown at top speed. 

Duncan Harrap's Journey

Duncan on his remarkable journey from stroke bed to personal trainer. He lead his first Parkinson's fitness group on Friday 5th of February. Have a look at his Well Fit Personal Training page here

Paratri 2016 - We're in Training & The Teams are Signing Up!

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Here at The Clinic we have been training hard in preparation for Paratri 2016! If your interested in the event or if any other Neurofit clinics fancy some friendly competition get it touch! You can find out more about the event on their website

Paratri 2015


Paratri 2015 saw The Clinic's Neurofitters take to their bikes, jump in the water and don their running shoes to raise money for the ultimate fitness challenge. After months of training the team did fantastically well in the day and raised over £1800.

Paratri has 7 different events, encouraging anyone to push themselves within their ability. Friends, family and colleagues can also get involved to show support with ages running from 9 years upwards. "Paratri isn't (just) about finishing first but making that exhilarating leap from spectator to participator".

We are currently recruiting our Paratri 2016 team and are aiming to take 10 groups of 3 to the event. For more information on the event take a look at their website here

Sports Relief 2014

In 2014 our Neurofit team completed the Sports Relief Mile. A mile for many wouldn't be a challenge, but if you have been told you may not walk again this feels like a marathon. The team trained extremely hard for the event and manage to raise a enormous £2000 in the process



Edinburgh Marathon 2009

We took four teams to the Edinburgh Marathon in 2009 and raised a fantastic £12,000 for charity. We returned two years later bringing the total raised up  to a £16,000. Friends, family, therapists and Neurofit patients challenged themselves to undertake this enormous test, many continuing to run marathons and joining us in this years Paratri.

We went to Edinburgh as a group and stayed two nights in a lovely hotel, with a great celebration meal after the event. There was a real sense of achievement not just for completing the run and raising the money for charity, but also for those who overcame adversity, pushing themselves to their limit to complete this epic challenge.