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Neurofit: It began here
Neurofit is an exercise programme for people with a neurological condition.

The programme was developed here at The Clinic after a 10 year practical based research into all aspects of fitness.

The Neurofit programme strongly believes you can be fit with a neurological condition.

The journey took us from…

Functional training, olympic lifts, boxing, kettle bells, exuberant animal, play style training, HIT training, strength and conditioning. We questioned how much, how long, what motivates, what keeps us interested, we observed top professionals in the athletic field.

We then adapted and applied our Neurofit programme to our neurological clients. The results were remarkable.The programme can be adapted to any age and any condition.

Run by a specialist physiotherapist and personal trainer we will help you get fit and stay fit.  The programme has been so successful we have developed a 5 day teaching course for therapists and trainers and Neurofit has been successfully set up in four further neurological clinic.

So How Does It Work?

Our Neurofit team tests your fitness levels to evaluate your stability, flexibility, strength, power and cardiovascular ability. Our team then pools their fitness knowledge to create an exciting, challenging and safe exercise programme – tailored to your mobility needs.

Each year we encourage group of our patients to enter an event. The event is generally physical and designed to challenge their fitness. We aim to raise awareness and money to specifically chosen neurological charities.

To date we have trained and entered 16 to the Edinburgh marathon, 5 to the sports relief mile and this year four teams for the Para Tri. To date the clinic and it’s fantastic patients have raised over £25,000 for neuro charities and got extremely fit in the process.

At the clinic we have four Neurofit groups:

  • Neurofit for stroke

  • Neurofit for Parkinson’s

  • Neurofit for upper limb strength

  • Cancer fit