Neurofit for Therapists

The Neurofit concept has been progressed to four major neurological clinics in the UK and this course aims to equip you with the tools to develop a similar programme within your working environment. It is a progressive training programme empowering people with a neurological condition to challenge their physical fitness. The programme is run by specialist neurological physiotherapists and qualified personal trainers.

Neurofit for therapists SPRING/SUMMER 2019 course

We are now taking bookings for our Neurofit course with Nikki Penny, Bob Wood and Natalie Opoku on 18-19 MAY and
29-30 JUNE 2019. The course is being held in the newly finished Lancing Prep College, a stunning venue to hold a great course.

Please contact us or download the application form below. email


Previous one day Upper Limb courses were a huge success and a big thank you to all the participants for making it so much fun.
Also thank you to Bob Wood for putting us through our weird and wonderful paces.

New 2020 courses available soon so please feel free to contact us for more information. or call 01273 911212

Course Description

We have four tutors on the course bringing together aspects of strength training and how this applies to neurology. The first weekend we will be exploring function training and its role in fitness assessment, but also its use in programme design. The second weekend will be exploring exercise prescription and how to specifically train three areas of strength, cardiovascular, endurance and speed strength. The third weekend we will progress to develop your skills in designing progressive exercise programmes for your clients.


Course Information

This is a practical problem based learning course. Our aim is for you to have a greater understanding of the different types of strength and how these apply to neurology. This will be achieved by two key note lectures, you completing workshops and exercise groups in each of the different components of strength, to explore your own levels of fitness in each of these areas


Course Objectives

· To begin to understand the principles of functional training and movement screening.
· To have an understanding and analysis these different types of strength.
· To be able to identify and analyse these different component within yourself.
· To know how to fitness test a client.
· To be able to design a strengthening programme for a client with neurological impairment.
· To be able to create a neurological exercise group in your work environment.