Our Mission

We have a progressive clinic, emotionally and physically.

Our treatment programmes are progressive and designed to maximise your mobility and fitness levels. 

We keep demanding and change will occur.

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What we do at The Clinic

  • One to one assessments allow us to to see how you move and the potential for change
  • We can clinically reason what is the most suitable pathway forward to allow you to reach your goals
  • Our progressive treatments and training plans allow you to begin to work to reach your potential
  • We will develop a home exercise programme to keep you moving and maintaining your gains between treatments.
  • Your home programme can be photographed/videoed and sent or downloaded to you.
  • We have specialist skills in Saebo and contraint therapy and offer specialist upper limb training packages
  • We designed and developed the Neurofit programme. We run four Neurofit exercise groups bespoke for stroke and head injuried clients, Parkinson’s, cancer and upper limb strengthening group
  • We are forefront of understanding and implementing strength and conditioning with clients with a neurological condition
  • We offer adapted neurological Pilates groups and Pilates individual sessions.
  • You can access personal training and clinical massage at The Clinic.