Work With Us

We are very excited we are recruiting a senior Neuro-physiotherapist at The Clinic, are you:

·      A questioning, dynamic, passionate and excited therapist

·      With a foundation of Neuro skills but a drive to develop to the next level

·      Understanding and empathy for neurological conditions/disability

·      A team player with respect for others

·      Not afraid to jump in and learn


Why we think you may want to work at The Clinic:

·      You will be working alongside a phenomenal team: Neuro Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Strength and Conditioning           coaches as we like to work and share knowledge.

·      We believe in two-way working and learning from each other.

·      At The Clinic we are lucky to be exposed to a fantastic array of neuro patients who want to push forward

·      Learn the importance of social media and business in a modern clinic

·      At The Clinic we host and run courses and know how important post graduate education is:

  •   Neurofit for Therapists
  •   In house training
  •   Functional Training
  •   Saebo Workshops
  •   Movement Workshop

And for all this great rates of pay





If this sounds like you please contact me, Nikki,  on or call 01273 911212, I would love to chat with you.