First Visit

The purpose of the first appointment is to gain a full understanding of how the patient moves, allowing us to formulate a special movement based programme tailored to their individual needs.  This appointment also gives us our first opportunity to understand who the patient is, and how their neurological condition has an impact on their life.

More recently the first appointment has been split into two sections.  The first 30 minutes is a virtual appointment, delivered over Zoom with one of our specialist neurological physiotherapists.  We will ask lots of questions with the aim of finding out as much about the patient as possible. We will cover their medical history, health and fitness related goals, personal aspirations, exercise history etc.

The second section, lasting for 60 minutes is a face to face appointment at either of our clinics, Hurst or Hove, or a home visit.  The purpose of this session is to complete a movement assessment.  Upon completion, the neurophysiotherapist will formulate a pathway to move forward. This could include a burst of one to one neurological physiotherapy sessions, advice on independent exercise programmes, and placement in one of the clinics appropriate exercise groups.