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LiteGait Treadmill Training

Step into our treadmill clinic

The LiteGait is an incredible system which allows us to put anyone into the upright and walking position. From patients that want to walk further and faster, to patients who need assistance to experience a standing and walking posture. The harness controls weight, posture and balance, and decreases the risk of falling.

When working to gain or improve the skill of walking we need to do good quality practice and repetition, the LiteGait system provides both. It allows us to introduce the patient to the normal characteristics of walking ie ground reaction and loading, but in a safe and stress free environment. By deweighting the patient we can significantly decrease the volume of oxygen consumption that they use and therefore increase the amount of walking practice with a significantly less tiring affect.

So the LiteGait system allows a normative walking experience and lot of it! Both factors that are required for good neuroplastic adaptation and the attainment of the motor skill of walking. It also allows us to work on the more challenging aspects of walking such as turning, stopping, starting, changing speed, running, jumping, and a safe way to practice your balance. Our Gaitsens treadmill provides real time measurement of your walking providing you feedback on such as speed, distance, stride length and loading of left and right legs. With this feedback the therapist can help the patient focus on improving particular gait characteristics.

We have a treadmill gait clinic that runs daily, get in touch below to chat further about how this may benefit you.