Stani graduated from the University of Brighton in 2021 with BSc in Physiotherapy. She has engaged in a variety of in-service and online training courses such as Clinical Edge, Know Parkinson’s and the Functional Patterns 10-week online course to name a few. She also has a level 3 qualification in sports massage therapy

Stani’s been practicing parkour for 6 years, which has developed her understanding of functional movement in the context of different environments, injury prevention and strength and conditioning training 💪🏼. 

She is interested in mental health having written a systematic review on the barriers and facilitators to implementing person-centred physiotherapy in dementia care as her final thesis project and she is actively involved in meditation and has been exploring the notions of mental imagery and visualization techniques to promote neuroplasticity and optimal movement patterns.

The Stroke and Neurological Clinic was formed by Nikki Penny to provide specialist physiotherapy rehabilitation to people who suffer from a neurological condition. Nikki graduated in 1990 with a BSc in Physiotherapy and has worked as a chartered state registered physiotherapist for the last 31 years

She quickly developed a passion for neurology and has worked in many neurological rehabilitation units within her NHS career such as Stoke Mandiville, Sussex Rehabilitation Centre and lastly became the clinical specialist at the Wolfson Neurological Unit, London.

Nikki has spent many years studying movement. She took an extensive interest in exploring the Bobath Concept of Treatment. She became Advance Bobath trained and enjoyed 7 years involved with the British Bobath Tutor Training Programme. She also realised the need for a balanced view and studied other concepts such as functional training, progressive resistance training, play, neuromuscular stimulation, use of orthotics in neurology and more recently the use of the treadmill for neurological gait training. Nikki is also actively involved in the teaching and performs lecture and workshops teaching therapists about movement and the treatment of movement problems.

In 2007 she founded Neurofit, a strength and conditioning programme designed for people with a neurological condition.

Neurofit was conceived when Nikki realised a lack in her clinical skill in relation to strength. She began extensive practical based research into all aspects of fitness principles and combined these aspects with a therapy knowledge of movement and the neurofit programme was born.

Helen graduated from King’s College London in 2010 with a MSc in physiotherapy having previously completed a Sport and Exercise Sciences Degree at the University of Birmingham.

Helen’s interest for neurology started at the Regional Rehab Unit at Northwick Park. She moved to Brighton in 2013 and began working at the Sussex Rehab Centre where her passion and skills within the in field of neurology continued to grow.

Helen met Nikki on a Neurofit courses in 2016 and joined her team in 2019. Helens ability to fuse her two degrees allowed her to develop a skill set perfect for the Clinic. Her analysis of movement, reasoning and handling skills combined with being a skilful motivator is a formula that achieves results.

These skills coated with a keen sense of fun were put to good use during COVID-19 as she took the role of developing the clinics digital service and becoming the face of the virtual neurofit service.

Outside of the clinic Helen is the chair of the Sussex ACPIN committee which has merged to become the south east hub, organising courses and connecting local neurophysiotherapists.

In her spare time she coaches netball at 5Ways Netball Club from inclusion to regional netball specialising in ages 11–18, and has successfully managed to sneak the odd netball practice into her clinic exercise classes!

Anna-Marie graduated from Brunnel University in 1993 with a BSc in Physiotherapy. Since then she has gained varied neurological experience in both acute and rehabilitation settings specialising in treating patients with neurological conditions including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and ABI.

She first worked with Nikki Penny in 1997 at Southlands Rehabilitation Centre. In 1999, as the lead physiotherapist, she went on to establish and develop physiotherapy services within the Community Rehabilitation Team at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust.

Anna-Marie is advanced Bobath trained and is a qualified acupuncturist with a particular interest in treating trigger points and headaches. She has a keen interest in fitness, functional training and Pilates having completed various courses at the Australian Physiotherapist and Pilates Institute in London.

Anna-Marie draws on all of her skills and experience to deliver a holistic and dynamic approach to her treatment programs.

Meet David.

The clinics first point of call! David organises the clinic and ensures everything ticks along smoothly!

David takes care of our admin team and organises our therapists diaries.

Karen graduated from Bristol in 2000 with a BSc in Physiotherapy having previously competed a physiology degree and a masters in Nutrition.

She decided to specialize in neurology in 2002 and since then has worked at three hospitals including The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery in London, and several community based neurology teams.

She moved to Brighton in 2010 to lead a newly formed community stroke team in West Sussex. Following a year of travelling she returned to Brighton and now combines her work at Nikki Penny’s Neurological Clinic with being the lead physio in an NHS multidisciplinary community neurology team.

Karen is Bobath trained and has completed courses in Pilates, functional training and vestibular conditions. She adopts a holistic approach and believes in helping clients understand their condition so they can more effectively work towards their chosen goals.

Anthony entered the world of Neuro Physio in 2010 as a Physiotherapy Assistant in a large Neuro slow stream rehab home for 2 years. With training in different areas of neuro rehab working closely with and then under the guidance of the Physios, with courses in postural management and training in such areas as assisted communication devices.

Anthony then went on to work at The Royal Surrey Hospital as a Physiotherapy Assistant on their specialist Neurological stroke word for a year. Again, receiving training in different areas of rehab, assessment and equipment use, working with and under the guidance of the Physios. As well as working closely with the Occupational Therapists.

Anthony went back to work at the Neuro rehab home in a dual role as a Physio and Occupational Therapy Assistant, gaining experience in SMART testing, facilitated movement with electrical stimulation and thermoplastic splint making.
Anthony moved to work at an international specialist paediatric equipment company repairing, fitting and then selling postural management equipment mainly working throughout the southeast of the UK when his first child was on the way. This was good for the future work with the LiteGait.

Anthony after spending 6 mouths with the equipment company and a second child, move to Nikki Penny where he works as a Physio Technical Instructor, specialising in LiteGait rehab. Working with and under the supervision of the senior Physios on one-to-one work in the clinics and on home visits, as well as conducting some ZOOM classes, Embracing the Nikki Penny forward thinking and community ethos.