Anthony entered the world of Neuro Physio in 2010 as a Physiotherapy Assistant in a large Neuro slow stream rehab home for 2 years. With training in different areas of neuro rehab working closely with and then under the guidance of the Physios, with courses in postural management and training in such areas as assisted communication devices.

Anthony then went on to work at The Royal Surrey Hospital as a Physiotherapy Assistant on their specialist Neurological stroke word for a year. Again, receiving training in different areas of rehab, assessment and equipment use, working with and under the guidance of the Physios. As well as working closely with the Occupational Therapists.

Anthony went back to work at the Neuro rehab home in a dual role as a Physio and Occupational Therapy Assistant, gaining experience in SMART testing, facilitated movement with electrical stimulation and thermoplastic splint making.
Anthony moved to work at an international specialist paediatric equipment company repairing, fitting and then selling postural management equipment mainly working throughout the southeast of the UK when his first child was on the way. This was good for the future work with the LiteGait.

Anthony after spending 6 mouths with the equipment company and a second child, move to Nikki Penny where he works as a Physio Technical Instructor, specialising in LiteGait rehab. Working with and under the supervision of the senior Physios on one-to-one work in the clinics and on home visits, as well as conducting some ZOOM classes, Embracing the Nikki Penny forward thinking and community ethos.